We are aware of the concerns and interests of all our users. Thus, we give due importance to online privacy. We only collect information with your consent when you sign up on our site.

Information That Emailassistantpro Collects Automatically

When you land on emailassistantpro.com, some of your information will automatically get collected by us. These include your browser data, system settings, IP address, and cookies.

For the purpose of automatic data collection management, we place tags on our website. Web beacons refer to files that link web pages to specific web servers. We use them to record the number of visits. They also allow us to determine how users navigate our platform. It is also used by us to find the articles that visitors view.

Cookies We Use

Our platform utilizes many kinds of cookies. They include the following types:

  • 1. Essential cookies - These are needed for giving you features or services that you request.
  • 2. Functional cookies - These cookies record your settings and choices about our website and help preserve your preferences over a period. They also identify users when they come back to our platform.
  • 3. Advertising cookies - Advertising or re-targeting cookies gather data about your online actions. They recognize your interests and help us to provide personalized advertising.

How Emailassistantpro Shares Information

Your information is shared due to many reasons. They include the following:

  • If disclosure is required to avoid any kind of harm to the platform.
  • Your information can be shared for analytics purposes. It is also shared to give information to advertisers about the major preference of our audience base.
  • We may share your information for our internal business.

Privacy of Children

The website is not recommended to be used by children below the age of 16 years. This site isn't configured to collect the data on this demographic. If such data come up, we delete it from our website's database.

Data Preservation and Accessibility

We retain the data of the user only till it fulfills the purpose for which it was collected. However, we may preserve it for longer if the need arises by the law. We may also retain it for longer to resolve disputes with any other party. All the data we keep is in strict regulation with our privacy policy.

Our privacy policy is subject to change. We modify it occasionally. For every change we make, we post a notice to inform readers.