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If Gmail Is Not Receiving Emails | How To Fix

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The problem of Gmail not receiving emails can have negative consequences for those who use it daily. Fortunately, the problem has various easy resolutions. The first thing you must do is check your trash and spam folders. Besides that, examine the available space on your Gmail. It’s also a good idea to sign out and sign back into your account. If these fixes don’t work, there are plenty of other measures to use. In this article, we’ll go over each of them in detail. 

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Causes of Gmail Not Receiving Emails

There are many reasons behind this error. Here are some possible causes.

  • The Gmail servers are down for maintenance.
  • Incoming emails are landing in the spam or trash folder.
  • You have run out of available storage space.
  • Email filters are interfering with incoming emails.
  • The message forwarding feature is enabled.
  • The antivirus software is interfering with incoming emails.
  • Incorrect Gmail IMAP and POP settings.
  • Browser extensions can also interfere with the Gmail function.


Preliminary Troubleshooting for Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Sometimes, the problem can be a result of a minor issue. Try these fixes first. 

  • Visit Google’s Workspace status to see if Gmail is working or not. If the servers are down, wait for them to work.
  • Check your spam and trash folders. Often, Gmail filters make emails go into the spam folder. It’s likely that the emails you haven’t received are sitting in your spam folder.
  • View All Mail. Sometimes, the email can be present in the All Mail tab. It can happen accidentally while you swipe left and right on your phone.
    Check available storage. There’s 15 GB of email storage that Google provides to users. If it’s filled up, you cannot receive or send emails.


Other Effective Fixes for Gmail Not Getting Emails

If the problem remains unresolved, here are some other resolutions. Although the preliminary troubleshooting above is enough to fix this issue, implement the fixes below if you still cannot receive emails.


1. Check Whether the Filter is Stopping Incoming Emails

Users sometimes set up a filter that stops emails from landing in the inbox. Not only that, but you might also set the forwarding settings, so the email doesn’t land in your inbox. So, check if there are any filters set up. It’s likely that one of them may be archiving your emails. 

On the left part of the inbox, tap a relevant label to Gmail messages from a specific sender. You might see the email there. If so, navigate to the Filters list and modify the filter. 


2. Disable Message Forwarding 

As mentioned above, certain forwarding settings prevent emails from landing in your inbox. Disable email forwarding and see if you are still not receiving emails in Gmail

  • Open Google and tap the ‘Gear’ icon.
  • Go to ‘See All Settings.’
  • Get to the ‘Forwarding/IMAP’ tab.
  • Turn off the ‘Forwarding’ option.
  • Save the changes and refresh your changes.

3. Disable the Antivirus Program

If you use IMAP on your Windows computer and find Gmail not getting emails, disable the antivirus. The email filtering feature in security programs filters out suspicious emails. But it often interrupts with non-malicious incoming emails too.

Open the task manager on your system.

  • Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys for the same.
  • Now go to ‘Startups’ and find your antivirus program.
  • To stop the antivirus software from starting on startup, right-tap it and select ‘Disable.’
  • Restart your system and ask the sender to resend the email.
  • If you can receive the message, enable the antivirus again. 

4. Sign Out and Sign Back into Gmail

Sometimes, your Gmail doesn’t sync with Google servers. In such a case, you’ll find yourself not receiving emails in Gmail. But there’s a simple method to fix it. 

Just sign out of your account and sign back in. This action forces syncing to occur between your Gmail and Google servers. After signing back, you’ll likely find all the missing emails. 


5. Examine the Google Admin Console 

If your email ID does not end with @gmail.com, use this method. It is for those registered under the G Suite subscription. Request your administrators to head to admin.google.com. They can then find your email ID on Gmail and get the emails given to you that were uploaded to the Gmail servers.


6. Enable Gmail IMAP and POP Settings

Those who complain of Gmail email not receiving emails should examine the IMAP and POP settings. Check whether they are working properly. 

Head to the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP page.’ Go down and see whether they are turned on. If they aren’t, check the ‘Enable IMAP’ or ‘Enable POP’ option. 


7. Turn off Conflicting Browser Extensions

Browser extensions sometimes conflict with Gmail. They prevent it from loading correctly. So, you don’t receive emails. Turn off each extension temporarily. 

  • Open Google Chrome and choose the three dots on the upper-right part.
  • Choose ‘Settings’ and select ‘Extensions.’ It is on the left menu.
  • You will see a list of current extensions in the browser.
  • Choose ‘Details’ to learn more about the specific extension.
  • Select ‘Remove’ to uninstall the extension.
  • You can also disable it without removing it. Just turn off the toggle.
  • Now, see if you can receive emails in your Gmail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Gmail not updating emails?

The Gmail app may not update emails when it does not sync automatically. To troubleshoot it, use these steps.

  •  Update the Gmail app by going to the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • After that, restart your phone.
  • Now, see whether you are online by opening a website.
  • Turning off the Airplane mode can also help.

2. Why is Gmail Not Working Suddenly?

If you find your Gmail not getting emails suddenly, it can be due to a poor internet connection or the Gmail server being down. So, try fixing the internet connection first. See whether the situation improves. If the problem persists, go to websites like Downdetector.com and check the Gmail server status. 


3. Why is Gmail Not Receiving Emails on the Gmail Web App?

Inadequate storage and incorrect email filters are two main reasons for Gmail not getting emails. So, clean the storage space by deleting emails of huge sizes. After that, go to Gmail settings on the browser. From there, head to ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses.’ Remove unnecessary filters by tapping ‘Delete.’ This will also prevent your emails from going to spam.


Start Receiving Emails in Gmail!

It’s frustrating to notice Gmail not receiving emails suddenly. But now that you have this handy troubleshooting guide, there will be no problem in fixing the issue. All the measures are easy-to-follow and understand. Still, if you cannot receive emails after using them, connect with an email technical support expert.

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