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7 Ways To Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Issue

Posted By Michael Davis

Yahoo Mail is a popular email service that most people are familiar with. However, issues still arise during the course of its usage. Many users report about their Yahoo Mail not receiving emails. This problem can occur anytime because of account issues, user errors, and system interruptions.

Besides, other things, such as the Yahoo server being down or email forwarding settings, can also lead to the problem. So, you need to fix these causes to receive emails properly in your Yahoo account. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the various fixes to implement whenever this problem arises. 


Why Is Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails?

You must know the different reasons behind this Yahoo Mail problem. It will facilitate using the right troubleshooting. 

  • Yahoo Mail filters are blocking emails from landing in the inbox.
  • The emails are in the spam folder.
  • You have blocked the email sender.
  • The browser has many cookies and caches, preventing Yahoo Mail’s functioning. 
  • Your Yahoo Mail isn’t updated.
  • Yahoo servers are down for maintenance.
  • Your account has certain glitches. 


Troubleshoot Yahoo Email Not Receiving Emails?

You can easily fix the causes mentioned above. Before progressing, ensure that you have a stable internet connection.


1. Remove the Email Filters

After ensuring a good internet connection, check the email filters. Remove the filters preventing Yahoo Mail from receiving emails. 

  • Log into your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Enter the correct email credentials to sign in.
  • Next, head to the ‘Settings’ area at the right part of the screen.
  • Tap ‘More settings.’
  • Pick the ‘Filter’ option.
  • Now, hit the ‘Active filter’ option.
  • Choose to delete this option by pressing ‘Delete.’
  • Check if there are other email filters.
  • Remove them using the same steps.


2. Change the Sort Filter Settings

Sometimes, users set the filter settings in a way that the oldest email shows at the top of the inbox. So, you must check the sorting filter as it can be a reason for Yahoo Mail not receiving emails. 

  • Login to your Yahoo account.
  • Hit the ‘Sort’ button.
  • Tap the newest on top.


3. Open the Spam Folder

Do you know that Yahoo Mail has an automatic function to shift unnecessary emails in the spam folder? These emails will not land in your inbox. Often, this becomes the reason for Yahoo not receiving emails. 

So, head to the spam folder and check if there are emails you would want in your inbox. It is likely that you will find some important emails lying there.


4. Examine the Blocked Address List

Another probable reason why you are not receiving emails on Yahoo from a specific sender is that you’ve blocked them. So, it is wise to examine your blocked address list. You can easily do that by heading to the ‘Security and Privacy’ section of Yahoo settings. 

Yahoo arranges blocked email IDs alphabetically. It would not be difficult for you to find the sender’s email address. 


5. Optimize Your Web Browser

A browser filled with excessive cache and cookies won’t work properly. It will also prevent Yahoo Mail from giving you the best experience. So, you must take some steps to optimize your browser and fix Yahoo Mail not working

Since most Yahoo Mail users today use Google Chrome to access their email, here’s how to optimize the Chrome browser. 

Update Google Chrome 

  1. Launch Chrome. Now, tap the three horizontal dots icon.
  2. The icon will be in green, orange, or red in case of a pending update.
  3. Choose ‘Help’ from the ‘More’ menu.
  4. Now, click ‘About Google Chrome.’
  5. Then tap ‘Update Google Chrome.’
  6. Finally, click ‘Relaunch.’

Shut down unnecessary tabs

More open tabs make it difficult for the browser to function properly. So, close tabs that aren’t in use. 

Stop unwanted processes 

This involves deleting or disabling unwanted extensions and tasks. 

  1. Launch Chrome. Tap the three horizontal dot icons of ‘More.’
  2. Choose ‘More Tools’ followed by ‘Extensions.’
  3. Remove or disable the extensions. 
  4. To stop unwanted tasks, tap the ‘More’ icon. 
  5. Choose ‘More tools’ followed by ‘Task Manager.’
  6. Sort tasks via memory usage by tapping ‘Memory.’
  7. Choose the task you wish to close and tap ‘End process.’


6. Examine Reply-to Address

The reply-to feature of Yahoo Mail allows users to give a different email ID for their recipients to reply to. If there’s an active reply-to address, it is highly likely that the emails from your senders are going there. This is why you are not receiving emails on Yahoo. 

You can check if you’ve set a reply-to address. Head to the ‘Mailbox’ section of Yahoo settings. Here you can find out that the emails from your senders are coming to the places where they ought to. 

Below the ‘Mailbox list’, you will see the Reply-to address. If there’s an email address there, it means the messages are going to that place. 

In Yahoo Mail Basic, you can find the reply-to address as follows: 

  • Choose ‘Account Info.’
  • Pick ‘Options’ and then select ‘Go.’
  • Choose ‘Mail Accounts.’
  • Here, you can enter a reply-to address and save it.
  • Ensure that there’s no address here.


7. Check the IMAP and SMTP Server Settings

Your mail would function seamlessly if it is configured with the correct server settings. So, if you find Yahoo Mail not working, it’s better to review server settings. 

  • imap.mail.yahoo.com is the IMAP server name of Yahoo Mail.
  • 993 is the IMAP port number.
  • Put Yes in the IMAP TLS/SSL field.
  • Enter your entire Yahoo Mail ID in the IMAP Username field.
  • Input your complete Yahoo Mail or app password in the IMAP Password field. 
  • smtp.mail.yahoo.com is the SMTP server of Yahoo Mail.
  • 587/465 is the SMTP port number.
  • Put Yes in the SMTP TLS/SSL field.
  • Enter your entire Yahoo Mail ID in the IMAP Username field.
  • Input your complete Yahoo Mail or app password in the IMAP Password field. 


Don’t Miss an Email Again!

All the fixes mentioned above troubleshoot the Yahoo Mail not receiving emails problem effectively. They fix all the possible causes behind the error so you can begin getting the messages you’ve been expecting. However, if you still find yourself unable to receive incoming messages, connect with an email support service.

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