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Troubleshoot ATT Email Not Working Issue Easily

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Troubleshoot ATT Email Not Working Issue Easily

AT&T is a technology company that also offers email services. Its email service serves both residential and business subscribers. AT&T email has an intuitive interface and various features that improve email deliverability. However, problems with the working of this service are not uncommon. Users usually find ATT email not working, which makes them unable to use their email. There are various ways to fix common problems in its working. It is essential to set up your account correctly to reduce the likelihood of these errors. In this article, we’ll go over the various fixes you can use when your email is not working. 


Why do You Find ATT Email Not Working?

Not being able to use your AT&T email accounts properly can be annoying. Here are the significant reasons the email fails to work smoothly.

  • Your internet connection is unreliable.
  • You are using a browser incompatible with the email service.
  • The AT&TB mail server is down.
  • An obsolete AT&T email request version is also a major cause.
  • Your antivirus program is hindering you from using the AT&T website.
  • Inadequate network capacity.
  • It can be possible that your AT&T email is compromised.


Resolve ATT Mail Not Working Issue

You can troubleshoot the functioning of your ATT email in many ways. Use these simple resolutions and get rid of the issue fast.


1. Fix Internet Problems

One of the first measures to resolve a myriad of email problems is checking the internet connection. Do a couple of online speed tests. Then find if the wires are properly attached. You can also take the help of your internet service provider if you are unable to log in because of an unstable internet connection.


2. Set Up Your AT&T Account Correctly

You require the correct SMTP and IMAP settings to avoid facing email issues. Here are the right settings for establishing the connection.  


  • IMAP

    1. is the IMAP Server. 
    2. Input your email ID in front of the IMAP Username. 
    3. Type in your AT&T password as your IMAP password. 
    4. 993 is the IMAP port. 
    5. SSL/TLS is the IMAP Security.
  • SMTP

    1. is the AT&T SMTP server.
    2. SSL/TLS is the SMTP Security. 
    3. 465 is the SMTP port.
    4. Type in your email ID in front of the SMTP Username. 
    5. Input your AT&T password in front of the SMTP password. 


3. Fix Browser Problems

Browser issues are behind many AT&T email issues. If you find that your ATT email stopped working, it’s wise to switch to another web browser. Examine your web browser for the following things:

  • Ensure that it accepts cookies. If it does, remove excess cache and cookies. 
  • Disable browser add-ons as they interfere with email access. 
  • Enable JavaScript. It is present in your browser’s ‘Options’ or the ‘Settings’ menu. Ensure that your JavaScript is updated. 
  • Turn on the Adobe Flash Player. 


4. Troubleshoot AT&T Email Sign-In Problems

You may complain of email not working when you cannot log in to your email account. Follow these simple measures to troubleshoot login problems.

  • Find whether you have modified your email password recently. If you’ve done so, update the new credential on all the devices. It will aid you to log in to your email account on any device.
  • Enter your email ID and password. Sometimes, you may make typing errors while doing so. If you make lots of sign-in attempts with the wrong credentials, your account can get locked. In this case, you’ll need to reconfigure your password.
  • Find out if your account is active. Usually, AT&T Internet Services Security flags an account that sends spam. You need to contact AT&T in order to reactivate your account. 
  • If you frequently get the error, ‘Accelerator Not Found,’ it indicates corrupt browser cache data. Here again, you need to connect with an AT&T agent and get the needed help.


5. Recover Your Account if It is Compromised

Sometimes, you will find your AT&T email not working if it is hacked. If your account has been compromised, you can use a series of measures to recover it. Here are the changes that you need to make.

  • Change the email password. This step will minimize the security risk to your email account.
  • Before changing the password, run a virus scan to determine that all the devices are free from it.
  • Make a strong password so that no one can breach it in the future.
  • Update the answers to the security questions.
  • The security questions and their answers allow you to access your account and modify the information.
  • Malware robs passwords and confidential information. So, always utilize the latest anti-malware application. 
  • See that your operating system is fully up to date. Keep installing security updates from time to time.


6. Switch to The Classic AT&T Email

If you find ATT mail not working on your regular AT&T mail version, switch to the classic one. It will allow you to compose and review emails. However, you will be unable to leverage features of the full version, such as spell check and text format. But it is an effective way to access emails when you need them urgently and find your email unresponsive. 

To switch to the classic mail version, just go to your webmail inbox. Choose the gear icon followed by ‘More Settings.’ Now, choose ‘Switch to classic mail’ in ‘Personalize inbox.’ 


7. Troubleshoot Program Interference Error

Often, browser add-ons can make the rich-text toolbar of the email service function incorrectly. It, in turn, results in issues in sending emails. In such a scenario, you can use the plain text toolbar. Here is how you can do so. 

  • Go to your email inbox and choose the ‘Compose’ option. 
  • Now, choose the double arrow button. It is present on the formatting toolbar’s right side. 
  • Finish writing your email and hit the ‘Send’ button. You will not find any problems in sending emails. 


Final Thoughts 

ATT email not working is a common issue that you no longer need to be afraid of. There are various easy fixes you can use to troubleshoot common problems. If you need any more help, seek the aid of email technical support experts. 

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