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7 Perfect Ways Comcast To Fix Email Not Receiving Emails Issue

Posted By Michael Davis
7 Perfect Ways Comcast To Fix Email Not Receiving Emails Issue

Comcast email is one of the oldest services with a loyal user base. However, even the best service cannot always promise an entirely glitch-free performance. With regards to Comcast, a major issue people face is Comcast email not receiving emails. The problem can be because of various causes, such as a poor internet connection, emails landing in spam, or incorrect server settings. So, you can fix these causes to resolve this problem. This article will let you become aware of the different factors contributing to Comcast’s inability to receive emails. You’ll also learn what to do to fix them effectively.

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Why Is Comcast Email Not Receiving Emails?

As mentioned above, there are several reasons for this problem.

  • Unstable internet connectivity.
  • Browser incompatibility with Comcast email.
  • Wrong Comcast email credentials
  • The Comcast Mail server is down
  • The browser has an excessive cache
  • The incoming emails are landing in the spam folder.
  • The email address of the recipient is blocked.
  • Mail filters and forwarding settings are interfering. 
  • Incorrect IMAP server settings


Fixes for Comcast Not Receiving Emails

Now that you are aware of the causes let’s learn how to fix each of them and eliminate this problem. 


1. Use a Supported Browser

You must use only those browsers compatible with Comcast. These include Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. The probability of Comcast not receiving emails is more on browsers apart from these.

Not only that, but you must check that the browser is up to date. Even when using supported browsers, check their version. If it is older, you’ll likely face various Comcast email issues. 


2. Reset the password of Comcast Account

Are you still not receiving emails in Comcast? The login information is probably incorrect. So, the most important action would be to log in and change the password.

  • On the browser, visit the official Xfinity password-changing page.
  • After that, input the Comcast email ID and tap ‘Continue.’
  • You’ll find a CAPTCHA code.
  • Fill it in and hit ‘Continue.’
  • If there are more than one password recovery options, choose a specific one and hit ‘Continue.’
  • As per the recovery option selected, you will be given the instructions to change the password.
  • These include the ‘Email’ option, ‘Text me or Call Me’ option and ‘Answer to the secret question’ option.
  • Afterward, a page will appear where it’s easy to change your Comcast account password.
  • Use this password to sign into your account and send and receive emails.


3. Use the Correct Server Settings

Wrong IMAP and SMTP settings also result in Comcast email not receiving emails issue. Use the settings below to access your Comcast email properly again.

  • IMAP
  1. is the IMAP server.
  2. 993 is the IMAP port.
  3. SSL/TLS is the IMAP security.
  4. Your entire email address will come in the IMAP Username field.
  5. Your entire email password will come in the IMAP Password field. 
  • SMTP
  1. is the SMTP server.
  2. 465 is the SMTP port.
  3. SSL/TLS is the SMTP security
  4. Your email address will come in the SMTP Username field.
  5. Your Comcast email ID will come in the SMTP password field.


4. Find Whether your Incoming Emails are Landing in the Spam Folder

It is seen that many users who report Comcast not receiving emails have those emails in the spam folder. Usually, this happens when a specific email gets sent to various people simultaneously. So, check your spam folder and see if the email is present there. 

If they are there, disable the spam filter temporarily. 

  • On the browser, move to the Comcast email account page. 
  • Sign in and tap the ‘Settings’ icon in the top-right part.
  • After that, choose ‘Email Settings.’
  • Now, from the menu, tap ‘Advanced Settings.’
  • Below ‘Spam Settings,’ choose ‘Override security filter…’ in your inbox. 


5. Fix the Incorrectly Configured Email Filters

You’ll find Comcast email not receiving emails if the email filters aren’t set correctly. If you’ve added a filter recently and are experiencing this issue, remove it. Also, you must know the correct way of creating an email filter. Otherwise, it can result in Comcast email issues.

  • Login to Xfinity email.
  • Hit the ‘Gear’ icon followed by ‘Email Settings.’
  • Choose ‘Filter Rules’ below ‘Mail.’
  • Then choose ‘Add New Rule.’
  • Input the filter name in the ‘Rule’ name field.
  • Tap ‘Add Condition.’
  • Click ‘Contains’ to choose the parameters of the filter.
  • Use the correct logic.
  • Fill in the word you desire to filter.
  • Below ‘Actions’ tap ‘Add Action.’
  • Select the action to occur to the applicable emails.
  • Continue filling the actions as per the selection.
  • Ensure that the logic is consistent for the result you want.
  • Don’t let the conditions and actions contradict.
  • To delete a filter, click the ‘Trash’ icon.
  • Tap ‘Save’ to save the filter.


6. Disable Plugins and add-ons on the Browser

If you still complain about not receiving emails in Comcast, plugins and add-ons in the browser can be the cause. Often, a plugin’s functionality disturbs the functionalities of the email. This makes your Comcast account behave abnormally. As a result, you don’t receive emails. 

It’s easy to uninstall unwanted apps or extensions. Follow these points on Chrome.

  • To uninstall an extension, open Chrome and choose ‘More.’
  • Go to ‘More Tools’ followed by ‘Extensions.’
  • Choose ‘Remove’ beside the extensions you wish to remove.
  • Now, select ‘Remove.’
  • To disable an extension, select ‘More Tools’ followed by ‘Extensions.’
  • Turn off the specific extension.


7. Remove the Sender from the Blocked List

You’ll not receive emails from blocked senders. So, find out if you’ve added a sender to the blocked list from whom you’re expecting an email.

  • Sign into your Comcast account and move to the ‘Preferences’ section.
  • Here tap the ‘Email’ option followed by the ‘Email filters’ option.
  • Find the blocked email address and tap ‘Delete’ beside it.
  • Now you’ll receive all emails from this specific sender.

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Get Rid of Comcast Email Not Receiving Emails Easily

Being unable to receive important emails can be quite frustrating. Hopefully, you can resolve this issue in your Comcast email with the help of these easy fixes. However, if none of them troubleshoots the problem correctly, we strongly recommend you seek the assistance of an email technical support service.

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