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6 Ways To Fix Comcast Mail Not Working Issue

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6 Ways To Fix Comcast Mail Not Working Issue

Comcast is a prevalent email service that people in forty states of the U.S use. One of the best features of Comcast is its highly intuitive interface. But if you are a long-time user, you will inevitably find yourself dealing with several email issues. Many people find Comcast Mail not working and are unable to communicate well with their colleagues. This problem can take several forms.

You may be unable to open the email, or the mail will stop responding. Sometimes, you’ll find it hard to send emails or receive them. Troubleshooting all these issues begins with finding the causes for it. In this article, you’ll find the different reasons for this problem and suitable fixes. 


Why Is Comcast Mail Not Working?

As you can well observe, there are a number of possible forms of this issue. So there are several causes you need to know.

  • You have a poor internet connection. 
  • Faulty Comcast mail settings. Third-party software on your system is interfering with the email. 
  • The Comcast email server isn’t working. 
  • Your email account has been Hacked
  • The browser you are currently employing to access your emails isn’t compatible with Comcast email. It can also be that the browser is not updated. 


Troubleshooting Comcast Mail Not Working Issue

One of the foremost methods to make your Comcast email work smoothly is to check your internet connection. If you have the required signal strength but still face email issues, apply the following fixes.


1. Rectify Comcast Server Settings

Many people link their Comcast account with a third-party email service, such as Outlook or Gmail. However, if you have not configured it correctly, you will find issues such as the outgoing Comcast Mail server not working. Here are the correct settings.

  • Incoming IMAP Server Settings

    1. Your IMAP server name is ‘’.
    2. The port number will be 993.
    3. Your IMAP security is SSL or TLS.
    4. Give your full email ID for your username.
    5. Input your password in the required field.
  • Outgoing SMTP Server Settings

    1. The SMTP server name is ‘
    2. The port number is 587.
    3. STARTTLS is SMTP security.
    4. Input your email ID as username.
    5. Input your password in the needed field.


2. Deactivate Third-Party Applications

Third-party apps, such as antivirus software, disturb the proper functioning of the Comcast email account. To prevent interference, disable the program. However, remember to only temporarily disable your security software. When you are done with using your email account, activate the program.


3. Find Out if Your Account Has Been Compromised

If you are facing a Comcast Mail sign-in problem, it’s possible that your account has been hacked. If you cannot sign in even after entering the correct password, someone may have changed it without your notice. It’s important that you take charge of the problem immediately. If you don’t, the hacker can steal any type of data in your email. But at the same time, you really don’t need to panic. You can access your account by resetting your Comcast email password. 

  • Head over to
  • Once there, you can quickly request a password change.  
  • After changing the password, don’t forget also to change the answers to security questions. It will prevent your account from future hacking attempts. 


4. Fix Comcast Email Problems in Sending and Receiving Emails

It may be possible that you are facing issues in sending and receiving emails. Below is a list of things you can check to eliminate these problems. 

  • Ensure you haven’t crossed your account’s maximum sending or receiving limit. 
  • Check whether the sender has Accidentally Blocked you. 
  • Examine the storage space. You should have an adequate amount of it to facilitate the proper functioning of this email. 
  • Examine the spam folder for emails that you expect in your inbox. 
  • Double-check the email address of the recipient when you are sending a message. 


5. Optimize Your Web Browser

Have you used all the fixes above but still cannot access emails in your Comcast account? If this is the case, you must direct your focus on Optimizing your web browser. Follow these simple pointers while checking the browser.

  • Find if your browser is outdated. If it is, update it to the latest version.
  • To find the browser version in Google Chrome, tap ‘Chrome‘ in the top bar.
  • Then select ‘About Google Chrome.’ Here you can find the status.
  • Next, delete cache, cookies, and site data. You can also delete the browsing history.
  • Now, open your browser and access your account. 
  • If you still face issues, opt for a different browser.


6. Find if the Comcast Server is Down

Is your Comcast email account loading very slowly? You cannot discount problems with the Comcast email server. Head to to see if there is an issue with the email server. 

In case there’s a server outage, you cannot log in till it resolves. Do not access your account for some time. Visit periodically to find the status of the email service. 


Fix Comcast Mail Not Working On Android And iPhone

Comcast suspended its mail app in 2021. But it does not mean you will not be able to access it on your phone. If you employ an Android or an iPhone, you can still sign into your email. 

To do so, use a mobile browser to log in to your account. You can also employ third-party apps such as email clients for this purpose. To access the email via a mobile browser, head to the official website of Xfinity. Use your credentials to log into your email. 

If you still face login issues on your phone, ensure to check the Internet Connectivity. Open any random website on your phone and see if it is loading well. If it isn’t, you need first to fix the internet connection. At the same time, ensure that you have not turned on Airplane Mode on your device. 


Final Words

These fixes will troubleshoot the glitch that is resulting in your Comcast Mail not working. The resolutions will come in handy when you face a frequent Comcast email problem. Consult a professional email technical support service if you want further assistance.


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