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Comcast Email Not Sending Emails – How To Fix (Complete Guide 2023)

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Comcast Email Not Sending Emails – How To Fix (Complete Guide 2023)

Comcast email boasts some interesting features such as quick receiving and sending emails, account security, ease of use, and the like. However, sometimes you may find Comcast email not sending emails. This can be due to a weak internet, issues in IMAP settings, blocked accounts, or plugins and extensions. Besides, issues with spam filters can also prevent you from sending emails. So, you need to fix these causes to make your Comcast email work. In this article, you’ll find the best troubleshooting techniques to make Comcast email send messages.

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How to Fix Comcast Email Not Sending Emails

Use the following fixes and start sending your emails. 


1.  Examine the Spam Filter

Often, the emails get redirected to the spam folder of the recipient instead of the inbox. To fix it, disable the spam folder. 

  • In the browser, head to the login page of Comcast email.
  • Log into the account through your credentials. 
  • Now move to the ‘Users and Preferences’ section.
  • Here, tap ‘Edit’ on the spam filter option.
  • Now select the ‘Disable spam filter’ option.
  • Finally, tap ‘Save.’
  • This will facilitate the easy sending of emails. 


2. Find Whether the Daily Sending limit is Exceeded

You can also find Comcast not sending emails if you’ve hit the daily limit of sending emails. Comcast users can send emails to up to 1000 recipients a day. But if you’ve exceeded this limit, Comcast will not give you permission to send any more emails. 

Moreover, sending so many emails will make you appear as spam to Comcast. So, it is better to avoid sending bulk emails. If you really need to send emails to thousands of people, keep more email accounts. 


3. Rectify the Settings of the Email

If your email settings are incorrect, you cannot use them with an email client. So, rectify the settings by using the ones below.

  • IMAP settings
  1. The incoming mail server name should be
  2. The port number of the incoming mail server is 993.
  3. Another port number is 143 with SSL.
  4. Turn on the SSL.
  5. If the mail client makes you choose an authentication method, pick STARTTLS.
  • SMTP settings
  1. The outgoing mail server name must be
  2. The port number for SMTP is 587
  3. 487 is another outgoing mail server port number.
  4. The encryption is TLS.
  5. But if TLS isn’t there, use SSL.
  6. For authentication, enter your email address.
  • POP settings
  1. The incoming mail server name should be
  2. 995 is the incoming mail server port number.
  3. SSL is on.
  4. 110 was the incoming mail server port, but it is no longer supported.
  5. Instead, use the 995 port.


4. Review the Limit of File Attachment

Still not sending emails in Comcast? Check whether the total size of your message exceeds 25MB. This includes headers, text, and formatting. Try compressing such attachments into various files. This will enable you to fix the problem of sending emails.


5. Look for Browser Updates and Remove add-ons

Incompatible or old versions of browsers prevent Comcast email from sending emails. Use compatible browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. 

Also, install the latest browser updates by going to the ‘About’ section. Apart from updating the browser, remove extensions or plugins you don’t use. You can easily uninstall extensions by going to the ‘More Tools’ section. Here, tap ‘Remove’ on any extensions that you don’t use. After that, check if you can send emails.

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Fix Comcast Email Not Sending Emails in iPhone

This issue can arise in iPhones due to causes like the Comcast server being down, connectivity problems in iPhone, or incorrect mail app settings. Here is what you can do in each of these cases. 


1. Check the Status of the Comcast Server

You may find Comcast emails not sending if the server is experiencing an outage. Find whether the mail server is down or not by signing into and tapping the ‘Mail’ icon. The server is working if you can view your emails via the browser app. On the other hand, if a 500 error displays on the screen, the server is down. Check again after some hours to find if the mail server is fine. 


2. Review iPhone Mail App Settings

Often, users get an error message, does not support password authentication on their iPhones. In this case, you must review the mail settings.

  • Launch the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone. 
  • Click ‘Passwords and accounts.’
  • Locate your Comcast account. 
  • See the settings for incoming emails below Incoming Mail Server. 
  • Tap the ‘Advanced’ tab to view detailed incoming mail server settings. 
  • Correct the settings by following the ones mentioned above. 


3. Correct the iPhone Fetch Settings

If your mail server settings are correct, but you still find Comcast email not sending emails, the reason can be wrong fetch settings. 

  • Launch the settings app and click ‘Passwords and accounts.’
  • Now, click ‘Fetch New Data.’
  • Locate your Comcast account and review the settings.
  • If the fetch setting is set to ‘Push,’ the mail server will send new incoming emails straight to your phone.
  • If the settings are set to ‘Fetch,’ your iPhone will ask the server for new emails at certain intervals. 
  • If the Fetch New Data is set to ‘Manual,’ you won’t get any emails till you launch the mail app and reload it. 
  • So if you want instant email notifications, set your Fetch settings to ‘Push.’


4. Update the Mail App

iPhone works well on the latest updates. So, if you still find Comcast emails not sending, check if you have an updated version of the Mail app. The latest updates fix bugs and resolve common glitches. 


5. Check the Third-Party Access Security Option

A final way to make Comcast email send emails is by checking the settings in your Xfinity portal.

  • Login to the Xfinity portal.
  • Tap on the ‘Mail’ icon.
  • Hit the ‘Gear’ icon to go to ‘Email Settings.’
  • Click ‘Security.’
  • Check the option ‘Third Party Access Security.’


Final Thoughts

These are some of the simplest ways to implement when you find Comcast email not sending emails. Use them and troubleshoot the glitch preventing Comcast from working. In addition, contact an email technical support expert if the problem persists.

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