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6 Ways To Fix Earthlink Email Not Working Issue

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6 Ways To Fix Earthlink Email Not Working Issue

Earthlink webmail is a great email service that is accessible widely. It has all the functionalities of a great email communication platform. Still, you cannot assume that it will operate uninterruptedly at all times. Webmail issues are quite common and often leave users perplexed. In various instances, you may notice Earthlink email not working. The email may not load, or you will find your messages not getting downloaded. Users also encounter issues while signing into their accounts. 

But now that you’ve found this guide, there’s no reason to feel perturbed. Keep reading and get familiar with the most effective troubleshooting for your Earthlink email. 

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Factors Causing Earthlink Email Not Working Issue

Let us brief you about the major triggers of a malfunctioning Earthlink email. You will learn to fix them later on.

  • Your emails are kept in a folder other than your inbox. 
  • The Earthlink servers are downs. 
  • Incorrect server settings are preventing you from using your email account. 
  • Damaged cookie and browser cache files. 
  • Your connection was disturbed while you were signing in. 
  • You are typing the incorrect Earthlink password.
  • Your Earthlink inbox storage limit is over.


What To Do When Earthlink Email Is Not Working 

The hacks to fix Earthlink webmail issues are very straightforward. After you know the causes, you can pick up a troubleshooting measure that corresponds to it. If you are still unsure why your Earthlink email is not working, try all the fixes one by one.


1. Move The Messages Into Your Inbox Folder

If you find emails not appearing in your email client, it means you’ve kept them in different folders. If this is the case, the email software you use cannot download them. You need to shift the emails into your Earthlink email account’s inbox so you can see them in your email client.

When you use your email client, use the POP3 technology. It is because POP3 allows you to get an email easily. The emails in your inbox download right when you log in.


2. Find The Earthlink Server Status

Sometimes, your Earthlink email may not work due to problems from their end only. In such a case, you don’t require to do any troubleshooting at your end. But to be sure of it, you need to go to websites such as to check Earthlink’s status. 

The site will even apprise you of how long the server may remain down. They prove to be quite useful for those who need to access their mail urgently. You can reach out to the support team of Earthlink in such a case.


3. Check Your Server Settings

If you’re accessing Earthlink from a third-party email client and it is not working, faulty mail server settings are the cause. You can resolve Earthlink email problems by matching your settings with the ones mentioned below. 


  • IMAP (Incoming Mail Server)
    1. is the name of the server. 
    2. 143 is the port number. 
    3. Type in your Earthlink email ID in the ‘Username’ field. 
    4. Input your Earthlink password in the ‘Password’ field.
    5. The security is None. 


  • POP (Incoming Mail Server)
    1. is the name of the server. 
    2. 110 is the port number. 
    3. Your Earthlink email ID is the username.
    4. Input your Earthlink email password in the ‘Password’ field. 
    5. The security is None. 


  • SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server)
    1. is the server name. 
    2. 587 is the port number. 
    3. Authentication is required. 
    4. Input your Earthlink email ID in the ‘Username’ field. 
    5. Type in your Earthlink email password in the ‘Password’ section.
    6. STARTTLS is the security. 


4. Clear Cache In The Browser

If there is excessive cache in your web browser, you won’t be able to access your email account properly. So, delete the cache and cookies when you find Earthlink mail not working. After that, restart the browser and sign in to your account.

You must also clear the cache in the Earthlink app if you are accessing it on your Android or iPhone. Follow these pointers to delete them on both of these devices.


  • Android
    1. Head to the ‘Settings area on your phone.
    2. Scroll down and hit the ‘Apps’ option.
    3. Go to the Earthlink app and tap it.
    4. The ‘App Info’ screen will appear. Touch ‘Storage.
    5. Now, touch ‘Clear cache’ and confirm this action.


  • iPhone
    1. head to the ‘Settings’ part of your device.
    2. Touch the ‘General’ section within it.
    3. Now, find and tap the option ‘iPhone Storage.’
    4. You will see many apps that you have downloaded on your iPhone.
    5. Find the Earthlink app and tap it.
    6. Now, hit the ‘Offload App’ option.
    7. Tap this option again to confirm it.


5. Fix The Issue With Your Account

Sometimes a smooth connection can get disturbed while you attempt to sign in to your Earthlink webmail account. It results in the situation of Earthlink webmail not working. 

A simple solution is to re-sign into your webmail account. First, ensure that your signal strength is strong. It will eliminate any interruptions that you might encounter while signing in. It is likely that after you re-sign from your account, you will find your Earthlink webmail working uninterruptedly.


6. Check Your Email Storage

If you have exceeded the storage limit of Earthlink email, you will face problems in receiving messages. So, freeing up the storage space is the only resolution that will help you. Here is how you can empty the storage.

  • Launch your web browser and log into Earthlink webmail. 
  • You will see the storage in the upper-left portion of the dashboard of your email. 
  • Head to the inbox and look at the ‘Size’ column of all the emails. 
  • Choose those which have larger sizes by tapping on their checkboxes. 
  • Select the large message and tap ‘Delete.’
  • These emails will now go to the ‘Trash’ folder. 
  • Tap the Empty this folder’ option on the trash folder page’s top part. 


Final Thoughts

All the solutions described above are easy to implement and effective. So, you will not find yourself complaining about your Earthlink email not working after carrying out the fixes above. However, if you are still facing any email issues, it will be best to contact certified email technical support professionals. 


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